Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scott's Hugs

This is Lexie, I'm writing this next post about a memory I have of my father.

I remember one day dad picked me up and gave me a great big bone crushing hug. I said somethings like " What was that?"

" A Bear Hug, of course." Was his reply.

Most the hugs he gave when I was little were ""Bear hugs." I would run up to dad at random times and say "Gimme a bear hug!"

I love wild animals we would watch nature shows together, on PBS and I'd be fascinated asking all sorts of questions for days about animals.

This changed the "Bear hug." I would run up to him and ask for a "Lion hug", or Zebra hug", A " Tiger Hug"....

You name the animal we had a hug for it.

They were all really bear hugs but I didn't know that until I got much older.

My dad loved us so much he always play a long if he knew it would make us happy.

I was really sick today and I've been feeling sorry for myself wish he could come and give me a "Zebra hug."